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Matt C. Jacob, M.D.     Cardiovascular Clinic Of Texas         713/790-1335

Timothy Sharma, M.D.   Houston Clinic                             713/790-0745

George Santos, M.D.     West Oaks Hospital                      713/995-0909
                                 Medical Director

Terry Scovill                IntraCare Hospital Medical Center   713/790-0949

Wendy Johnson, RN      West Oaks Hospital                      713/995-0909
                                 Infectious Control

 Latonya Johnson, RN    Devereaux Hospital                      281/335-1000
                                 Director of Nursing

Pegi Pung                    West Oaks Hospital                     713/995-0909
                                 Chief Nursing Officer

Carol Pritchett, MBA      Garden Terrace of Houston           713/796-2777
                                 Vosswood Nursing Center
                                 Regional Executive Director

John Hillbrand, CPA        Triumph Hospital                         832/200-5504
                                 Chief Financial Officer

Lawrence Story            Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire, CEO 713/600-9500
                                 Focus Management Group, LLC,
                                 Regional Director for Behavioral Health

Lucky Chopra, M.D.       Advanced Diagnostics, Inc.           713/243-3235
                                 Medical Director

Kathy Hicks, RN            IntraCare North Hospital               281/893-7200
                                 Director of Nursing

Daniel Key                   West Oaks Hospital                     713/995-0909
                                 Director of Contract Services

Deo Girjashanker           Cambridge Health Systems           281/893-7200
                                 Chief Operating Officer

Keith Bolin                    Neweigh                                   713/795-0200
                                 Vice President

Mark Turzillo                 Bank of Houston                        713/600-6767
                                 Market President

Trey Miller                   Cambridge Properties                  713/790-1155
                                 Real Estate Manager